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Ginny Johnson Cell: (304) 690-4145

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  1. I decided to join the Speech and Debate team because I wanted to be involved in an activity that would offer me new opportunities and new friends. I also enjoy speaking because I have been raised with an eloquent vocabulary and I wish to demonstrate this to people who feed into the horrifying stereotype that black people cannot speak properly. I don’t “talk white.” I “talk right”, and I want everyone to know it. I am excited for the events I will be attending and the people I will be spending time with. I have heard from everyone on the team that speech has been a wonderful experience for them, and I have heard from people that speech has made good changes in their character. After learning all of these wonderful things about the speech and debate team, how could I refuse to join?

  2. For whatever reason every time I try to log in, it won’t let me and I am grounded from my phone so at the moment I am unable to get ahold if Ginny. Will post my blog tomorrow during school. I know it will be late. Love you Freeman.

    1. You could always just post your blog as a comment, since the website is letting you make comments. I will look into the problem.

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